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our body, brain and nervous systems are like instruments,
even the finest of instruments get tuned up before they play

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Experience, Learn and Apply 5 modalities that release years of accumulated and generational stress from your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies bringing your body brain and nervous system into a favorable position to heal itself.

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Investigate, Identify and State Intention.

Become aware of where you are stuck.Why are you here? What happened to you? What led you here?

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our body, brain and nervous systems are like instruments, even the finest of instruments get tuned up before they play

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As we age, the tissue of our body becomes dry, the muscle become short, and the meridian channels become slow and stagnant. Effective bodywork can lead to your biggest breakthroughs - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. 

UNCOVER, DISCOVER, RELEASE and RECOVER from stress and tension that has been holding you in stuck and fixed positions, patterns, and behaviors. Build a healthier relationship with yourself and others, personally and professionally. Improve posture, mobility, circulation, blood flow, and qi flow. Create a new level of engagement with yourself and reconnect to your inner strength, power, and wisdom. It is all in your BODY!


I am an expert in how to release accumulated stress and trauma from the body, brain, and nervous system.

I am the person you call when you want to feel your best—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am the person you call when you want to reach greater and higher states of being. 

Some people call me a trainer. Some people call me a healer. And some people call me an expert at reducing stress. But when people want to perform at the highest levels, they just call me.

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The pain and tension I’ve been holding onto for years has finally started to leave my body thanks to Gabrielle’s techniques. I feel hopeful to continue this journey. Her practical, hands on approach to healing the system makes complete sense to me, and I’m learning to be proactive versus reactive in all areas of my life thanks to this work. It’s beyond worth it.


Gabby’s healing programs and methods have completely changed the way my body, mind and spirit feel on a daily basis. I have experienced true relief in what feels like the first time ever - releasing deep trauma from my nervous system and regaining my power to help create a more aligned life for myself.

- Stephanie

gabby, thanks for getting me in shape for this year's snowboarding season. even after 3 days of riding some extreme conditions i was still able to outlast guys 10yrs my junior!

- wes

She allowed and created a permissible pause.
It broke the dam, broke the obligation of going and going.
I Became more fluid, spontaneous, and creative.  It's ok to rest. 
She demonstrated the permission to pause.
Broke the curse allowing me an opportunity to stop.
Stop, drop, and chill. Return to self.

Re-routed my whole destiny
She corrected patterns in the moment. 
Now, I think differently, act differently. I even walk differently.

- Erica a.

I am a fully certified Pilates Mat and Apparatus Instructor PMA certified For 15 years. I am an alumni of Mount Sina for F.A.M.I. (Functional Anatomy meets injury). I have experienced many different ways of Myofascial release, Tai Massage, deep Tissue Massage, Reiki. gabby's body work is unlike any experience I have encountered. I have a plate and 12 screws and 4 pins in my right ankle from an Ice dancing injury 22 years ago. I have gone through extensive therapy myself through the years.I am a Nurse working in Physical Therapy for many years. In just one session I saw a significant difference in my fascia in my joints unlike any other modality.

I did several sessions with Gabby and turned many of my clients to her that were very grateful for the experience. Any one that gets to experience her gift will be truly grateful.
I highly recommend her form of Body work!

- Patti

A little about me:  early 50’s, total hip replacement, needed flexibility and core strengthening in a big way.  I didn’t realize I needed the work when I first started with Gabby but what a difference.  I started training with Gabby about 14 months ago. What really impresses me about Gabby is the following:

She truly understands the body and what each person needs.
She listens, it’s not a cookie cutter or off the shelf program.  You get a customized program designed to improve the areas you need to work on.  Quite frankly, you may not even realize you need work in a certain area until she does her assessment.
 You’ll work. Face it, you know you need it or you wouldn’t be using her services. She’s a very nice person.  You’re not inventory or a time slot with Gabby. She takes pride in seeing improvement in her clients. 

- bill P.

With her simple, yet potent and effective approach, Simply put, she debunks all health and fitness myths customizing and tailoring a unique healing journey to bring you back to who it is you really are.

- sean P.


When you are caring for all aspects of yourself, you’ll find that you are able to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Reassess your life often. As your situation changes, your self care needs are likely to shift too.


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